Jews of Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s Jewish community dates to the earliest 20th century but due to the Civil War and an earthquake in the recent past, most Jews emigrated to Florida in the USA and the community called Congregacion Israelita de Nicaragua (http:/} became a remnant community that struggled to meet several times a year for prayer in people's homes.

Through the efforts of Kulanu,(www. an organization dedicated to helping returning, emerging and isolated Jewish communities around the world, the community has changed course. Rabbanit Bonita and Rabbi Gerald Sussman, Kulanu volunteers, brought to Nicaragua a Bet Din to do traditional conversions. In total 28 conversions and 8 weddings took place between 2013-2014 that included mikva and hatafat dam brit . The first Jewish baby was born in decades, land was donated to build a synagogue, classes are held weekly, and a young student was sent to the Maccabee games in Israel. Professor Tudor Parfitt attended part of the ceremonies. These pictures tell that story.

Congregación Israelita de Nicaragua

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