Latin American Jewry Initiative

A collaborative project between Jewish Studies Initiatives and the Latin American and Caribbean Center, the Latin American Jewry Initiative seeks to explore Latin American Jewry from a multidisciplinary perspective. Through lectures, workshops and symposia, this initiative examines the Jewish experience throughout the Americas. Past events have included “The Jewish Cuban Community in Miami” with Caroline Lopez; “My Panama: Refugee Snapshots” with Murray Baumgarten; “Jewish Migrants in Brazil” with Rene Decol; “Searching for Home in Argentina and Israel: On History and Identity Among Jewish-Argentines and Argentine-Israelis” with Raanan Rein; “The Chosen Island: Jews in Cuba” with Maritza Corrales; and “Identity in a Time of Peril: Nazis and Jews in Latin America During the Second World War” with Max Paul Friedman.

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