Internship Opportunity in Krakow, Poland!

The Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow was created in 2004 to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, to celebrate the richness of Jewish history and culture, and to take part in the revival of Jewish life in present-day Poland. Through exhibitions, cultural events, and an educational outreach and community program, the museum presents Jewish history from a new perspective. The aim of the Museum is to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions typically associated with the Jewish past in Poland, educating both Poles and Jews about their own histories whilst encouraging them to think about the future.

Interested candidates are invited to apply for internships with one of three Museum departments, or for a general program rotating between departments:

- Education

- External Relations and Communications

- Curatorial Affairs

- Operations Department

Internships typically run for eight weeks and are available throughout the year. Students interested in this unique opportunity to involve themselves in the evolution of a young museum and to participate in the rediscovery of a rich culture, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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