Initiative for Global Jewish Communities

Throughout history, vibrant Jewish communities with far reaching family, commercial and cultural ties have flourished throughout the world. Ever since the dawn of the Diaspora, Jews have been building communities throughout the world with global Jewish connections.

The Initiative for Global Jewish Communities promotes innovative research and education, concentrating on the extraordinary and unparalleled diversity and plurality of Jewish communities in diverse settings and cultures.

This initiative examines Jews, Jewish culture, and Judaism in a much wider cultural framework than has traditionally been the case. Current research puts the spotlight on the most remote, fringe and marginal emerging Jewish communities in the world. This approach is rooted in the deeply held conviction that it is the margins of any society which are most densely saturated in meaning for the scholar. Great changes are taking place in the Jewish world, which is rapidly becoming more inclusive and pluralistic. There is a cluster of scholars at FIU with interests in Asian, Middle Eastern and African Jewish communities, as well as European Crypto-Jews and Jews throughout the Americas.

FIU is a leading member of the Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies, which examines the history and development of Crypto-Jews of Iberian origin. To learn more, please click here.

FIU is also a leading member of the Society for Indo-Judaic Studies, which explores the affinities and interactions between Indic and Judaic civilizations from ancient through contemporary times. To learn more please click here.

In order to promote innovative research and education about emerging Jewish communities worldwide, the Initiative for Global Jewish Communities offers competitive scholarships to graduate students who incorporate into their course of study some aspect related to global Jewish communities.

For more information about the Initiative for Global Jewish Communities or to apply for a graduate scholarship, please contact Dr. Tudor Parfitt at