April 1998: Number 1

I. Articles

7 Rosenzweig's Philosophy of Buddhism
by Norbert M. Samuelson

13 Buddhism on Rosenzweig
by Bibhuti S. Yadav

33 Hindu Nationalism and the Israeli Experience
by Gary Jeffrey Jacobsohn

57 Crossing Borders, Maintaining Boundaries: The Life and Times of Farha, a Woman of the Baghdadi Jewish Diaspora (1870-1958)
by Jael Silliman

II. Translations

81 A Tibetan-language History Of Israel by Jamyang Norbu
by Nathan Katz

III. Reviews

Review Essay
91 Living Encounters between Judaism and Hinduism/Buddhism
Judith Linzer, Torah and Dharma: Jewish Seekers in Eastern Religions reviewed by Maurice S. Friedman

99 Opra Siapak, ed., The Jews of India: A Story of Three Communities
reviewed by Brian Weinstein

102 Maurice S. Friedman, Intercultural Dialogue and the Human Image reviewed by Kenneth P. Kramer

105 Mavis Hyman, The Jews of the Raj
reviewed by Shalva Weil

107 J. B. Segal, A History of the Jews of Cochin
reviewed by Joan G. Roland