2012: Number 12

5 From the Editors

I. Articles

7 A Call for Jewish Buddhist Studies
By Vanessa R. Sasson

19 The Adventure Genre’s Adventures: Abraham Mapu and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
By Helena Rimon

27 Shekinah on the “Plane of Immanence:” An Intimation of the Indic Great Mother in the Hebraic Wholly Other
By Neela Bhattacharya Saxena

45 The Benei Menashe: Choosing Judaism in North East India
By Myer Samra

57 Bene Israel Aliyah and Absorption in Israel, 1948-1960
By Joseph Hodes

II. Feature Review Article

73 Maina Chawla: Sign, Being Indian, Being Israeli: Migration, Ethnicity and Gender in the Jewish Homeland
Reviewed by Joan G. Roland

III. Book Review

83 Yael Moses Reuben, The Jews of Pakistan: A Forgotten Heritage
Reviewed by Nathan Katz

IV. Letter to the Editor and Response
85 Correction of the Record
Shalva Weil

87 Apology
Linda Weinhouse