April 2000: Number 3

I. Articles

7 Shingly in Cochin Jewish Memory and in Eyewitness Accounts by Arthur M. Lesley

22 Religious Observances of Bene Israel: Persistence and Refashioning of Tradition by Joan G. Rolan

49 Abraham, the Easterners, and India: Jewish Interpretations of Genesis 25:6 by Richard G. Marks

72 Limit and Its Discontents: The Arising of Desire as Discussed by PataƱjali and Isaac Luria
by Lyone S. Fein

86 India and Israel: From Conflict to Convergence of Interests
by Dinesh Kumar

117 India and the Holocaust: Perceptions of the Indian National Congress
by P. R. Kumaraswamy

II. Resources

126 Bibliography about Indian Jewry, Part II: Publications from 1998
compiled by Nathan Katz and Frank Joseph Shulman

III. Review Article

133 Alan Lew, with Sherril Jaffe, One God Clapping: The Spiritual Path of a Zen Rabbi
reviewed by Harold Kasimow

IV. Communications

136 The Dalai Lama in Hebrew
by Bezalel Naor

137 Holocaust Refugees and the Maharaja of Jamnagar
by His Highness Shatrushalyasinji

V. Obituaries

140 Bibhuti S. Yadav
by Alan Mittleman

144 Jacob E. Cohen
by Barbara C. Johnson

146 Daniel J. Elazar
by Nathall Katz