June 2002: Number 5

I. Articles

7 The Jewish Background of Nissim Ezekiel's Poetry
By R Raj Rao

29 India, Israel and the Davis Cup Tie 1987
By P. R. Kumaraswamy

40 Jewish Pepper Traders of the Malabar Coast: The Rahabis
By Brian Weinstein

55 The Land of Hard Bondage: The Lost Tribes in India
By Tudor Parfitt

II. Translations

69 From Japan to Palestine via Colombo with a Hassidic Journalist in 1941
Translation by Marvin Tokayer

III. Resources

73 Bibliography about Indian Jewry, Part III: Publications from 1999

73 Indian Jewry in General

76 The Cochin Jews

77 The Bene Israel

78 The Bagdadi Jews

79 Tribal Jews
Compiled by Nathan Katz and Frank Joseph Shulman

IV. Book Reviews 81 The Walled City by Esther David

V. Index to Issues No. 1 to 5

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87 Resources

88 Book Reviews

90 Obituaries

90 Miscellaneous