June 2003: Number 6

I. Articles

7 Descended from Jewish Seed - Genetics and Jewish History in India: The Bene Israel and the Black Jews of Cochin
By Tudor Parfitt

19 Further Studies in the Jewish Copper Plates of Cochin
By M. G. S. Narayanan

29 Possibilities of Understanding Jewish Malayalam Folksongs
By Scaria Zacharia

48 Silence, Shunya and Shiva: A Kashmir Shaiva Perspective
By L. N. Sharma

61 Common Symbolic Patterns in Hebrew and Sanskrit Literature
By Giulio Busi

71 The Home of One's Own: Indian Jewish Fiction and the Problem of Bene Israel Identity
By Yulia Egorova

II. Resources

Bibliography about Indian Jewry, Part IV: Publications from 2000

79 Indian Jewry in General

81 The Cochin Jews

82 The Bene Israel

83 The Mughal Jews

83 The Bagdadi Jews

84 Ashkenazim in India

84 Tribal Jews

Compiled by Nathan Katz and Frank Joseph Shulman

III. Conference Report

85 A View from the Margin: The State of the Art of Indo-Judaic Studies
Report by Nathan Katz

IV. Book Reviews

96 Rebecca Reuben: Scholar, Educationist, Community Leader, 1889-1957 Edited by Nina Haeems
Reviewed by Joan G. Roland

103 Jewish Portraits, Indian Frames: Women's Narratives from a Diaspora of Hope By Jael Silliman
Reviewed by Barbara C. Johnson

107 The Jewish Heritage of Calcutta By Dalia Roy
Reviewed by Thomas A. Timberg

V. Obituary