Winter 2004-2005: Number 7-8

I. Articles

5 The Influence of Indo-Judaic Studies in Israel, or The Salience of Spirituality
By Shalva Weil

12 Jewish Experience in India, or the Making of an Indian Jewish Novel: A Reading of Esther David's The Walled City
By D. Venkateswarlu

25 India's Jewish Geography as Described by Nineteenth-Century Traveler David D'Beth Hillel
By Alanna E. Cooper

36 Existential and Metaphysical Perspectives on Opposition and Relations: a Comparative Study of Martin Buber and Basanta Kumar Mallik.
By Madhuri Santanam Sondhi

84 The Identity of a Mystic: The Case of Sa'id Sarmad, a Jewish-Yogi-Sufi Courtier of the Mughals
By Nathan Katz

II. Resources

100 Bibliography about Indian Jewry, Part IV: Publications from 2001
Compiled by Nathan Katz and Frank Joseph Shulman

III. Book Reviews

106 H. Kasimow, J. and L Keenan, eds., Beside Still Waters: Jews, Christians and the Way of the Buddha
Reviewed by David R. Blumenthal

110 Shalva Weil, ed., India's Jewish Heritage: Ritual, Art and Life-Cycle
Reviewed by Ruth F. Cernea

113 Brig. Gen. Sharma, India and Israel: Against Islamic Terror
Reviewed by Dinesh Kumar

IV. Obituaries

117 In Memoriam:J. B. Segal
By Shalva Weil

120 In Memoriam: M.L. Sondhi
By P.R.Kumaraswamy

110 In Memoriam: Ruby Daniels
By Barbara C.Johnson