It is to Laugh


Jewish Humor Series announced at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

For more information: 786-972-3175

"A glad heart is as beneficial as a cure," says the biblical Book of Proverbs. And from the Bible to Yiddish standup to movie and TV scripts, Jews have excelled in the art form known as humor.

Why is this so? Three experts will explain in the Jewish Humor Series, starting Nov. 30 at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU, 301 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.

"Everybody needs a laugh; that's really all there is to it," says Nathan Katz, director of Jewish studies at FIU. Actually, he adds, there is a bit more: "A people's humor reveals a great deal about them and their culture."

Here are the event dates. All will start at 2 p.m.

Nov. 30: "Laughter is Healthy: The Yiddish Origins of Jewish Humor," with Eddy Portnoy, a scholar of Jewish popular culture at Rutgers University.

Dec. 28: "Beyond Laughter Through Tears: A Short History of Jewish Humor," with Rabbi Moshe Waldoks, co-editor of The Big Book of Jewish Humor.

Jan. 18: "When Should I Stop Laughing? Reflections on Jewish Humor," with Ruth Wisse, research professor of Yiddish literature at Harvard University.

Events are free for students with valid ID. Open to the public with $6.00 museum entrance fee.

The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU is at 301 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. For information, e-mail or call 786-972-3175.