Certificate Program


The Certificate in Jewish Studies is an eighteen credit interdisciplinary program, rooted in the humanities, fine arts and social sciences. The program is available to degree seeking students and independently to non- degree-seeking students who already have a B.A. The Jewish Studies Program at FIU awards the Certificate.

The Certificate in Jewish Studies provides students with a multidisciplinary approach to the religion, arts, languages and literatures of Judaism as well as issues in history, politics, international relations, and sociology/anthropology.

The certificate cost ranges from $3,700.26 (FL Resident) - $11,139.66 (Non-Resident) for Undergraduate and Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking students. Online courses may cause increases in your total tuition. For more information on tuition costs, please click here.

To apply for the Jewish Studies Certificate, please submit this form to the program director, Dr. Oren Stier, DM 301C.

Core Courses

Students must complete at least one of the following through course work or demonstrated equivalent:

  • HBR 1130 Hebrew 1*
  • HBR 3100 Biblical Hebrew 1
  • JST 3505 Introduction to Jewish Cultures

*another relevant language (i.e.Arabic) may be substituted


The balance of the 18 credit Certificate will be drawn from courses listed below. In addition to the courses listed below, relevant special topics, area studies or comparative studies courses may also be applied, including up to 6 transfer credits. All courses must be approved by the director, and all must be passed with "C" or better.

Language Courses

Up to ten (10) credit hours of Hebrew language courses may be applied toward the Certificate.

Course Number Course Title Credits
HBR 1130 Hebrew 1 5
HBR 1131 Hebrew 2 5
HBR 2200 Intermediate Hebrew 5
HBR 3100 Biblical Hebrew 1 3
HBR 3101 Biblical Hebrew 2 3


Course Number Course Title Credits
CPO 3403 Politics of the Middle East 3
ENL 4412 Anglo-Jewish Literature: 19th Century to the Present 3
EUH 3245 European History, 1914-1945 3
EUH 4033 Nazism and the Holocaust 3
INR 3045 The Global Challenge of Refugees and Migrants 3
INR 3274 International Relations of Middle East 3
JST 3505 Introduction to Jewish Cultures 3
LIT 3170 Topics in Literature and Jewish Culture 3
LIT 3674 Literature of the Jewish Immigration Experience 3
REL 3194 The Holocaust 3
REL 3209 Dead Sea Scrolls 3
REL 3220 Moses, Priests, and Prophets 3
REL 3280 Biblical Archeology 3
REL 3320 Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad 3
REL 3389 Jews of Latin America 3
REL 3392 Jewish Mysticism 3
REL 3607 Judaism 3
REL 3625 Introduction to Talmud 3
REL 3627 Kabbalah and the Bible 3
REL 3630 American Judaism 3
REL 3671 Jews, Sex, and Gender 3
REL 3672 Religion and Society in Israel 3
REL 3690 Hasidic Thought 3
REL 3693 Jerusalem 3
REL 3695 The Golden Age of Sephardic Jewry 3
REL 4312 Jews of Asia 3
REL 4613 Modernization of Judaism 3
REL 4699 Holocaust Memorials 3
SYD 4606 World Jewish Communities 3
SYD 4703 Depiction of Jews in Films 3
WOH 3281 Jewish History to 1750 3
WOH 3282 Modern Jewish History3

These courses represent a partial list; students should consult with an advisor for the certificate program about current course offerings and a full list of courses accepted for the certificate.


Courses are offered at The Jewish Museum of Florida - FIU, FIU's Modesto A. Madique and Biscayne Bay campuses, and online.

For more information contact Dr. Stier at (305) 348-6729 or Oren.Stier@fiu.edu.