Undergraduate Certificate

Holocaust and Genocide Studies Certificate

Oren B. Stier, Director, Religious Studies

Coordinating Committee:

Hannibal Travis, College of Law

Jacek Kolasinski, Art and Art History

Rebecca C. Christ, Teaching and Learning

Richard Olson, Politics and International Relations

Terrence Peterson, History

The certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies allows students of any major to deepen their knowledge about the Holocaust and other cases of mass violence. Community members may also enroll for the certificate program. The certificate is of particular interest to secondary school teachers looking for increased credentials to meet the state mandate in Holocaust education.

It requires at least fifteen (15) credits of coursework, drawn from the list of courses below or as approved by the director, which students must earn a grade of ā€œCā€ or above. Note: additional online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses will be added as the certificate is further developed; students should consult with the Certificate advisor about all current courses accepted for the certificate.

  • CP04725 Comparative Genocide
  • EUH 4033 Nazism & Holocaust
  • FIL 3838 Holocaust Cinema
  • HIS 3308 War and Society
  • LIT 3175 Literature of the Holocaust
  • REL 2080 Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • REL 3194 The Holocaust
  • REL 3603 Elie Wiesel
  • REL 4699 Holocaust Memorials

To obtain more information about the certificate, click here to view the FIU Certificate Programs Catalog.