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Number 15 (2016)

Number 15 2016
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Special Section

9 Reciprocal (Mis-) apprehensions: Jews on Non-Jews, and Non-Jews on Jews in Indian Fiction
By Navras Jaat Aafreedi

21 “A Jew Living in an Ashram”: The Spiritual Itinerary of S. S. Cohen
By Boaz Huss

31 “Clear Are the Paths of India”: The Representation of Tagore in Jewish Literature
By Shimon Lev

49 Swansong on Jewish identity in India? : Sheela Rohekar’s novel Miss Samuel: Ek Yahūdῑ Gāthā (2013) in context
By Heinz Werner Wessler

59 Bnei Ephraim Community: Judaization, Social Hierarchy and Caste Reservation
By Anton Zykov


71 The Everyday Practice of Acceptance: The Baghdadi Jews in Calcutta’ Cosmopolitan Landscape (1930s – 1970s)
By Jael Silliman

Featured Review Article

93 Nina Haeems and Alysha Haeems, eds.
Indian Jewish Women: Stories from Bene Israel Life. Reviewed by Joan G. Roland

Book Reviews

. 96 Elana Benjamin,My Mother’s Spice Cupboard: A journey from Baghdad to Bombay to Bondi. 
Reviewed by Luke Whitmore

. 97 Essie Sassoon, Bala Menon, and Kenny Salem. Spice & Kosher: Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews 
Reviewed by Nathan Katz 

2 The Journal of Indo-Judaic Studies 98 Philippe Bornet, Rites et pratiques de l'hospitalite: mondes juifs et indiens anciens. Reviewed by Flavio Geisshuesler

100 Marvin Tokayer and Ellen Rodman, Pepper, Silk & Ivory – Amazing Stories about Jews and the Far East. Reviewed by Nathan Katz


101 Impressions from the Anjuman Al-Pathan Conference, Jaipur, 17th May 2015 By Eyal A. Be’ere

105 A Note on the Sir E. V. Sassoon Papers
By Thomas A Timberg

109 Indo-Judaic Book Wins Canadian Award
By Joseph A. Hodes


111 J. F. R. Jacob (1923-2016): Farewell Jakes...
By Lt. Gen. Syed Ata Hasnain (Ret’d)