2010: Number 11

5 From the Editors

I. Articles

7 Purim in Cochin in the Middle of the Sixteenth Century According to Lisbon’s Inquisition Trials
By José Alberto Rodrigues da Silva Tavim

25 The Synagogue at Parur, India: Its Architecture and Spatial Experience
By Jay A. Waronker

37 Baumgartner’s Bombay: Postcolonialism and Postmemory
By Linda Weinhouse

47 The Bronze Age Writing System of Sarasvati Hieroglyphics as Evidenced
by Two “Rosetta Stones”
By S. Kalyanaraman

75 Ethnocultural Barriers Medicalized: A Critique of Jacobsen
By Ephraim Nissan

121 The Ethics of the Pepper Marts of Malabar in the Mid-19th Century: A Sephardic View
By Zvi Zohar and Nathan Katz

II. Book Review

145 Madhuri Santanam Sondhi, Intercivilizational Dialogue on Peace: Martin Buber and Basanta Kumar Malik
Reviewed by Maurice S. Friedman

III. News and Announcements

147 The Bene Israel Community Family Tree
By Nissim Moses

149 The First Ever Holocaust Films Retrospective in South Asia
By Navras Jaat Aafreedi

153 Parur Synagogue to Be Restored

IV. Obituary

155 Cochin’s Jews: History’s Last Gasp—A Tribute to Samuel Hallegua (1930- 2009)
By Vinay La