June 2001: Number 4

I. Articles

7 "Till the Women Finish Singing:" Historical Overview of Cochin Jewish Women's Malayalam Songs
by Barbara C. Johnson

23 Differing Intentions in Vedic and Jewish Sacrifice
by Kathryn McClymond

39 India and the Land of Israel: Between Jews and Indians in Ancient Times
by Meir Bar Ilan

79 Jewish Traders in the Indian Ocean-Tenth to Thirteenth Centuries: A Review of Published Documents from the Cairo Genizah
by Brian Weinstein

95 The Camp for Polish Refugee Children at Balachadi, Nawanagar
by Kenneth X. Robbins

II. Book Reviews

119 Benjamin J. Israel, The Jews of India
Reviewed by Shalva Weil

122 Nathan Katz, Who Are the Jews of India?
Reviewed by Ranabir Chakrabarty

127 Anil Bhatti and Johannes H. Voigt, eds., Jewish Exile in India: 1933-1945
Reviewed by Oren Baruch Stier

131 Richard C. Foltz, Religions of the Silk Road: Overland Trade and Cultural Exchange from Antiquity to the Fifteenth Century
Reviewed by Steven Heine

133 Ken Blady, Jewish Communities in Exotic Places
Reviewed by Nathan Katz

III. Communications

135 Letter to the Edtor
by Noreen Daniel

IV. Obituary

Shirley Berry Isenberg, 1918-2000
by Joan G.Roland