Fall 2007: Number 9

5 From the Editors

I. Articles

7 The Jews of Kerala and the Wheels of Indian Ocean Commerce, 800-1800 C.E.
By Pius Malekandathil

33 Desperate Passage to India
By Ruth Fredman Cernea

43 Searching for the Ratu Hospital: Dreams and Judaism in the Imagining of Mizo Nationalism
By Myer Samra

77 Sita and Sarah: Female Complementarity or Special Revelation
By Madhuri M.Yadlapati

85 Competing Discourses: Nazis in Tibet and Jews in India
By Peter Levenda

II. Book Reviews

96 Akiva Tatz and David Gottlieb, Letters to a Buddhist Jew
Reviewed by Richard G. Marks

101 Shalva Weil, ed., India's Jewish Heritage: Ritual, Art, and Life-Cycle
Reviewed by Shlomo Deshen

104 Ruth F. Cernea. Almost Englishmen: Baghdadi Jews in British Burma
Reviewed by Jonathan Goldstein

III. News

108 The Hindu-Jewish Encounter, New Delhi, February 2007
By (P.V.) Meylekh Viswanath